Ergonomics is actually derived from the Greek words “Ergon” (work) and “Nomos” (laws) to denote the science of work. Ergonomics is a science of discipline which now extends across all aspects of human activity. It is the study of human capabilities in relationship to work demands.

Many people suffer because their conditions at work and home are incompatible with their needs, abilities and limitations. This situation affects their safety and well being.

Ergonomics promotes a holistic approach in which considerations of physical, cognitive, social, organizational, environmental and other relevant factors are taken into account. For example working posture, repetitive movements, work related musculoskeletal disorders, work place layout, human – computer interaction, work stress, work design, lighting, telework etc.

High technology can make our lives more efficient and exciting. However, fascination with technology and overly ambitious business expectations can cause us to overlook human factors risks. Neglecting these risks can have serious effects on an individual.

But, for an individual to make sure that he is properly following all the guidelines towards a systemic approach for one’s own life and work pattern, he would have to be a skilled observer of his or her own joint and muscle functioning and would have to be able to change his or her posture accordingly. But, in order to develop this sort of highly refined sensory awareness, one requires special training. Therefore the key here is that we must learn how to observe our bodies in a new way.*

Our special workshops have helped people develop the subtle coordination of thought and physical action required to monitor and alter harmful patterns of posture and movement. It enables an individual to put Ergonomic principles into practice, and thus helps them reduce their risk of developing a repetitive strain injury and other stress-related injuries.

This simple and practical workshop alerts people to understand ways in which they are misusing their bodies, and how their everyday habits of work may be harming them. It teaches people how to avoid work habits which create excessive stress and how to reduce the amount of unnecessary muscular force they are applying to their bodies by providing them with an alternative. So, whether you Head a particular organization or you are a computer desk professionals or you might be someone whose work involves a lot of heavy lifting shifting etc. this workshop is going to be a boon for you. Therefore, Ergonomics remains an important part of an individual’s life if he is looking out for productivity and longevity.

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  • By virtue of a Health Plus pamphlet we got to know about the center. We came here for 1 month treatment. I would like to mention here that behavior of all the doctors was very kind and supportive. They treated us just like family members. I didn’t feel any depletion throughout the treatment. I was suffering from chronic back pain. But seriously on the 7th day I felt almost 70% to 80 relief. Now I’m sure that even without any medicine, one can get rid of pain. They also advised some effective exercise for -future preventions. Thank you very much Health Plus for your intensive care.

    Vimlaben Parmar
  • I was suffering from varicose vein and ankle pain. After joining Health Plus my problem got solved. Now I can walk easily without any pain. My legs are swelling free again. I’ve also noticed that my energy level has also increased. I took 20 sessions of treatment here and would like to suggest everybody who is in pain to once visit Health Plus. Thank you.

    Aarti R. Shah
  • I was suffering from unbearable ankle pain. I couldn’t even walk properly. Everybody suggested me to go for an operation but I was not ready. Suddenly I saw an advertisement of Health Plus in the newspaper. After consultation I got treatment here and after 10 days I’m feeling almost 70% better. I would like to thank all the staff members and Health Plus.

    Jyotika D. Patwa
  • I was suffering from unbearable hip pain. My life became uneasy because of this. Doctors suggested me for an operation. Because of young age I was not ready for that. My friend suggest me to visit Health Plus. I took 10 days of treatment here and felt 80% relief from pain. Thank you Health Plus.

    Mr. Harish Vanik
  • I was suffering from Knee Pain. After joining Health Plus within 12 to 13 days I felt 80% relief from pain. Treatment therapy was so good and the concept of therapy is wonderful. I would like to suggest my friends about Health Plus.

    Suchetaben Vakhariya
  • I was suffering from Neck Pain, Knee Pain and Back Pain since long time. Health Plus has given me the best possible treatment and the pain in almost gone. I am very thankful to all the doctors. I will miss them all.

  • Since last 1 year, I had been suffering from severe Back Pain. After the treatment and care from Health Plus, I am feeling far better. Staff is very supportive and the environment is so energetic. Thank you Health Plus.

    Vicky Makwana
  • I would recommend everyone who is having trouble related to health issues like pain in the body. Health Plus is the best service provider and they are using top most technologies. They really have a great environment and a fully competent staff. I was suffering from Head and Neck Pain since last 8 years. They made is perfectly fit in just 20 sessions. I really appreciate them. Thank you very much Health Plus.

    Manisha Nailesh Prajapati