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Today, as the entire nation is growing and moving forward, we at HEALTH PLUS felt the need of giving our society back what it deserves.The need of the day is a state-of-art, never before seen, world's most advanced technology embedded with an ambience that you have to see it to believe it. HEALTH PLUS is a modern day premier institute that aims at providing the best possible care and amazing results. We promise to deliver results that will change the way people perceive physiotherapy.


HEALTH PLUS is to be recognized for its commitment to enhance the health of its community; delivering outstanding values embracing clinical innovation; providing exceptional medical and health education.


HEALTH PLUS aims to be recognized nationally and internationally as an outstanding institute for physiotherapy and community health and wellness, We promise to deliver results.


HEALTH PLUS strongly follows the principle of "There is no 'I' in a team".

We are a group of passionate, hard-working, skillful and professional physiotherapists whose soul goal is to work whole heartedly towards the health and fitness of the society.
Our physiotherapists are diversely educated beyond the traditional private practice approach. So, whatever the problem, our team of experts will successfully help you get back to your normal routine.

Our team which specializes in both advance physiotherapy and fitness studio, carries a wealth of experience and we pride our selves on providing an outstanding level of service to our clients. Gym in Ahmedabad, Gymnasiums in Ahmedabad. Health Plus Gym in Ahmedabad helps you in Body Building and staying fit. To join Gym in Ahmedabad, Contact Health Plus.

We count on and support one another individually and as team members.
We perform at the highest level, always learning and looking for ways to improve.
Decisions regarding care are evidenced-based. We provide care based on the best available scientific standardized knowledge.
We are principled , honest, and ethical, and we do the right thing for those we serve.
We as health professionals deliver care with respect and compassion.

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HEALTH PLUS is a dream seen by a group of experienced physiotherapists who have together served this wonderful field for many years with utmost grace, dignity and hard work. This team once sat over a cup of coffee discussing the growing needs of surgeries and other health conditions because of lack of proper and advanced physiotherapy infrastructure and skillful therapists. Hence, began the conceptualization of HEALTH PLUS. The tagline says 'REFORMING HEALTH AND FITNESS' which is apt if we consider the present physiotherapy scenario. We intend to hold hands with our contemporaries in giving this society something back. Something Extraordinary.

We are not ashamed in accepting the fact that we do not proclaim to be alone in this Endeavour as changing an entire system require assistance from other Contemporaries and competitors. We are prepared to join hands with anyone for the betterment of the society.

Our aim is to be leaders in this field by maintaining high standards of care even if it further meant by constantly upgrading our skills by educating ourselves even more.

Customer Feedback

  • By virtue of a Health Plus pamphlet we got to know about the center. We came here for 1 month treatment. I would like to mention here that behavior of all the doctors was very kind and supportive. They treated us just like family members. I didn’t feel any depletion throughout the treatment. I was suffering from chronic back pain. But seriously on the 7th day I felt almost 70% to 80 relief. Now I’m sure that even without any medicine, one can get rid of pain. They also advised some effective exercise for -future preventions. Thank you very much Health Plus for your intensive care.

    Vimlaben Parmar
  • I was suffering from varicose vein and ankle pain. After joining Health Plus my problem got solved. Now I can walk easily without any pain. My legs are swelling free again. I’ve also noticed that my energy level has also increased. I took 20 sessions of treatment here and would like to suggest everybody who is in pain to once visit Health Plus. Thank you.

    Aarti R. Shah
  • I was suffering from unbearable ankle pain. I couldn’t even walk properly. Everybody suggested me to go for an operation but I was not ready. Suddenly I saw an advertisement of Health Plus in the newspaper. After consultation I got treatment here and after 10 days I’m feeling almost 70% better. I would like to thank all the staff members and Health Plus.

    Jyotika D. Patwa
  • I was suffering from unbearable hip pain. My life became uneasy because of this. Doctors suggested me for an operation. Because of young age I was not ready for that. My friend suggest me to visit Health Plus. I took 10 days of treatment here and felt 80% relief from pain. Thank you Health Plus.

    Mr. Harish Vanik
  • I was suffering from Knee Pain. After joining Health Plus within 12 to 13 days I felt 80% relief from pain. Treatment therapy was so good and the concept of therapy is wonderful. I would like to suggest my friends about Health Plus.

    Suchetaben Vakhariya
  • I was suffering from Neck Pain, Knee Pain and Back Pain since long time. Health Plus has given me the best possible treatment and the pain in almost gone. I am very thankful to all the doctors. I will miss them all.

  • Since last 1 year, I had been suffering from severe Back Pain. After the treatment and care from Health Plus, I am feeling far better. Staff is very supportive and the environment is so energetic. Thank you Health Plus.

    Vicky Makwana
  • I would recommend everyone who is having trouble related to health issues like pain in the body. Health Plus is the best service provider and they are using top most technologies. They really have a great environment and a fully competent staff. I was suffering from Head and Neck Pain since last 8 years. They made is perfectly fit in just 20 sessions. I really appreciate them. Thank you very much Health Plus.

    Manisha Nailesh Prajapati